Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Franziska and Lucia drop by.

Two of our exam course students from 2008 came by to say hello today. Lucia Luthi (R) and Franziska Disler (L) from Switzerland. Lucia took CAE and Franziska took FCE. Both of them passed, of course.

Apart from being good at passing exams they also know how to make their teachers happy... Swiss chocolate!!!

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Jana and Stefan from Holzkirchen

Hello everybody
Today is the 21st June 2009 and now we are staying for 4 weeks in Germany again. Yea 4 weeks ago we left Hastings and we miss it. It was a fantastic time and a wonderful experience.

We arrived in Hastings on 03 May 2009 to stay there for three weeks. Our first impression was depressed but every day more our opinion about Hastings and England was getting better.

We started our first day in Hastings with a bank holiday. It was “Green Jack-Day” and we visited the middle and the old town of Hastings. There were a lot of people and thousand and thousand of motorbikes. We’ve never seen before so many motorbikes at one place. It was amazing. If you like to ride a motorbike, then is the “Green Jack-Day” in Hastings a must for every biker.

On our first day at HELC we met a lot of new students and teachers. Sue and Lorraine gave us a wonderful and funny welcome. Our first school day after 15 years was very easy and we started to speak English the whole day. Some weeks ago we couldn’t believe that to speak English the whole day. But it was okay and every student had more or less the same level.

On our first Wednesday afternoon we started with Lorraine and a group of students to Battle. The weather was perfect. The sun was shinning and it was for the first time warm and sometimes windy. We learned a lot of the history about “The Battle of Hastings” and Lorraine was a perfect and wonderful touring guide. In Battle we went in our first English Pub and drank our first English beer. Ok it was not a really English beer it was a Guinness from Ireland and it tasted very soft and delicious. It was a completely other taste than a German beer but also nice. Lorraine told us more about “The Battle and 1066” and we talked and laughed a lot.

After the first week in Hastings we started our trips to Brighton on Saturday and to Canterbury on Sunday.

In Brighton we visited “The Palace of King George IV”, the very long Beach and the “Palace Pier”. It was very magnificent. If you visit the Palace, we will recommend the audio guide in English. The pronunciation is very good and you can check your own level and understanding.

The beach life with a lot of little shops was very interesting. Our teacher in Germany recommended us to try “fish and ships” if we get the chance. And we tried it for the first time in Brighton on the beach. It was delicious but not much salt. The weather was great and we sat there without a pullover or jacket. We enjoyed the weather and our “fish and ships” and the feeling in the middle of the English.

Canterbury was our next destination on the following Sunday. The first way in Canterbury went to the Cathedral. We arrived at 11 o’clock and the bells rang. What an incredible and wonderful sound. Inside there was a service and we listened to the choir and the church music. It was overwhelming and impressing that we’ve got goose bumps. We were very impressed and we’ve never seen before a Cathedral like Canterbury Cathedral. The history of the Cathedral caught us. At the preparation for our presentation in the business school we found in the internet a connection between Canterbury and our favourite town Dresden in East Germany. The Golden Church Cross for the “Church of our Lady” (Frauenkirche) in Dresden was consecrated in the Canterbury Cathedral. And the English history caught us again.

After our first weekend in England we started in our second week in HELC and now we were not the new students. In our morning class we were 8 students and in the afternoon class we changed to the business school. This was an offer from Sue and we tried it. We were happy about the offer and to get this chance. We are very grateful to Sue and Danny.

On our second weekend we planed to visit London for the whole weekend. Lorraine booked a wonderful, little and cheap hotel in South Kensington a part of London. It was our first trip to London and it was fantastic. We both love this city and we will come back again every year, if it’s possible. It’s not so far from Munich and for a longer weekend a very good idea for a short trip.

The London Eye from across St James' Park

We arrived in London on Saturday the 17th May 2009 and the whole afternoon we walked along the river Thames. The little guide to London from Lorraine was very good. Many thanks for Lorraine. We started at the Tower Bridge and finished the day at the Buckingham Palace and the Hyde Park underground station. This was a 7 hours tour with more than 150 pictures. At 9.30 pm we were arrived on our hotel again and fell in our bed. This was a long and very hard day but so nice and interesting.

St Paul's Cathedral and the Millennium Bridge over the River Thames

On Sunday we started with typical English rain and a typical English taxi to Kensington Palace. After we were arrived the palace the sun was shinning and the weather showed his best side. We visited also the V&A museum and the Royal Albert Hall and walked through London again. On our way to the Victoria Station we visited also Harold’s and passed the German Embassy.

Today we know we will come back to London to visit a show or a concert in the Royal Albert Hall. It must be impressing and wonderful to be there and feel the sound.

These were our marvellous weekend impressions. And the weeks were also wonderful, interesting and fantastic. We met us with other students in some wonderful pubs like “The Stag” or “Pissarro’s” or “The Pump House”. Every Tuesday in The Stag there is original live music and it’s an unbelievable and fantastic feeling to be a part from the pub and to be one of all guests and it’s unimportant where do you come from. You can enjoy the feeling and the music and you are every time welcome. That's fantastic. This is the best way to practise your English and for a better fluent English. We miss these pubs in Germany and the feeling of a pub. When we told this our teacher in Germany (he is a native speaker) he want go back to England because he miss the pubs, the live music and the pub feeling so much. Now we understand our teacher.

The Houses of Parliament in Westminster

The three weeks in Hastings we lived in a wonderful host family. If we come back next year, we will stay there again. It was so easy to live there and so uncomplicated. We had our own bathroom and a big living room. At the first time we thought the typical English single windows could be a problem but if you stay in England for three weeks or longer you get used to live with that. And our host mother is a perfect and wonderful cook. She likes cooking and every evening at 6.30 pm we’ve got a marvellous dinner. There was only “one” problem. The dinner was more than good for us that we’ve got 3-4 kg overweight after three weeks. And now we are trying to lose these kilos since we are back from Hastings. ;o))

Our short results after these three weeks? We will come back again to HELC and Hastings. That’s a promise. Why? To live in England in a foreign country for 3 or 4 weeks or longer that’s a great and wonderful experience. This experience is your own experience for your own life and your own future. Nobody knows how you can use this but if you don’t go to a languages school in England or better in Hastings you won’t know this wonderful experience and feeling. When we arrived in Germany it was good to speak our own language but we also missed to speak English and to understand English. Every morning we start our computer to listen “Southern FM” and we tried to change our satellite TV but in Bavaria you can’t connect English private TV like ITV1 or BBC One. For the TV we are to far from England. That’s also one reason to go England and Hastings again. During our time in Hastings sometimes we felt like English inhabitants and it was a great feeling.

We would like to say Thank you to all our teachers in Hastings called Sue, Jason, Danny and Ian. A specially thanks for Lorraine for the wonderful help, the funny time and for the uncomplicated, easy and fantastic host family. We miss you all and maybe we will see each other next year.

Lovely and many greetings from Germany
Jana and Stefan

Katie's Morning Class

Katie with her class in room 14

My name’s Lukas Kacovsk. I’m 19 years old. I’m from Czech Republic. I live in Vysoky Chlumec, a small village in the south of the country. Is there very wonderful nature. I live with my parents and my cat. Now I’m studying in HELC. It’s my firs time in England and I’m lucky here. :-) Why I’m studying English language? I’ve like English and English’s international language and too help me in my work because I’m waiter and cook. I’m going to tell you about myself. I have short-dark hair, little-bit blue eyes. I think I’m friendly so little extrovert. My hobbies are every-thing but I hate computers game. See you later. Lukas

Hi, my friend! My name’s Peter. I’m 37 years old. I’m from Slovakia, from little city with beautiful lakes. It’s call Senec. Senec is near the capital city Bratislava, about 25 km from the city centre. I’m married, my wife’s Beata and we have two children. The older is a son Jakub Vojtech, he’s 6 years old and my little daughter’s name is Viktoria Ema. We live in a flat, but we have built a new house with a large garden. I’m working as a sales manager in a sales company and I’m studying English now in an English school in Hastings, because I need this new language for my new difficult workload. I like playing tennis, squash, I like to take photos and I’m zealous aircraft modeller. Peter Kmet

My dear, My name is Josee. I am 62 years old , now I don’t work because I am retired. It’s very funny for me. My main occupation is to study English. It’s necessary to speak this language because I like very much travelling round the world. It’s easy to explain my problem to learn another language: I am French, I would like to be an English person but it’s very pleasant or funny to live in France. Another hobbies are to taste world wine with my club and take to time for receive my family and friends in my country house. I am married, my husband’s name is Jean, he is also retired. He works very hard in the garden but he prefers to make a flower garden and me the vegetable garden. Josee

Hi everybody, My name is Rudolf and I’m from Czech Republic. I live in Adrspach, small village in the east of the country. My village has only 600 people. I’m 26 years old and I’m only child. I‘ve just started to live with my girlfriend. Her name is Andrea and she is 22 years old. I finished studying two years ago. I studied at university in Prague. I am working as an internal auditor in the Continental Automotive now. I do internal system and process audits. I need English for my job because I have to communicate with our customers. And also I would like to be an external auditor in two years. My hobbies are: sports and cinema. I like to play football, tennis, table tennis, volleyball and football tennis. But in the first place is football club SK Slavia Praha for me. When I can I to go every football match with my girlfriend. Rudolf Fichtner

Hello, My name is YiHua. I come from Taiwan, and live in Taipei county. Taiwan is a small Island. And there are a lot of buildings, cars, and people in Taipei. It's a busy city. When I stayed in Taipei, I worked in Marketing. I have left my job,and study English in Hastings, because I hope to visit other countries, and know other cutures. It is my first time to come to England. I'm staying in Hastings till December. I'm enjoying living here. Because it's very natural, there are green trees, seagulls and beautiful beach in Hastings. In my free time I love reading and taking photos. And I'm taking a lot of photos on my photo album in the internet to let my family and friends know it's so great in Hastings. YiHua

I’m from Montenegro I’m 24 years old. My name is Ilija. I’m studying English because I need it for my job. I’m working in an agency. My job is to deliver things to banks and companies. I’ve spent a nice time since the moment I was on the plane to UK until now. And I’m expecting sunny weather, with more good moments in the next days. Ilija

My name is Arleta Chudy. I’m from Poland. I’m 52 years old. I loved English language, I wanted speak in English when I was 16, but I was a lazy girl (I think). I need English in my work now. I arrived in Hastings to learn.I work in an international company, I’m a Chief Accountant. I’m very happy that I’m here. I loved my English school. I think I’m a positive person, friendly and an optimist. In my free time I love reading, listening to music, dancing and gardening. Best regards, Arleta

My name’s Paula. I’m from Spain, and I live in La Granja de la Costera (Valencia). It’s a very small village, it has 400 inhabitants. I live with my parents and my sister. I’m 18 years old, and my sister is 23 years old. I’m to finish doing bachalaurate. I want to study teaching in the university this year. I will been 3 weeks in England, because I want learn a lot of English. I’m going to tell you about myself. I have long hair and green eyes. I use glasses, but in this moment I wear contact lens. In my free time I love going to my friends, going to the cinema and listening to the music. Paula

Hi Everyone,

My name’s Jacob. I come from Czech Republic and live in Prague. Prague is our capital city. I live with my older brother now, but my mum lives with her new husband in the house. I am 19 years old, but soon in summer season I will be 20 years old, I am at Secondary school and I am studying gastronomy. I’m in my Third year and everything is good.

I am going to tell you about myself. I have short brown hair and blue-green eyes and have a big red mouth. That’s me. I think I’m a positive person but sometimes very nervous. I’m extrovert only at home, but if I am in a public place I am more introvert.

In my free time I search for internet interesting pages or listen to music on You Tube, sometimes also playing computer games. If I am going out, I visit my friend and I go with him to our playground to play football or basketball or we go to our forest also. I have lots of activities, for example English/German studying. Jacob

Hi, I'm Ali and I'm from Saudi Arabia. I'm learning English because I like it although to contact with people. I'm a student and my achievement is that I graduated from university, my subject was Management. My favourite hobby playing football, listening to music. Finally my ambition - I want to be a businessman, I want to have a new car and travel.


Friday, 12 June 2009

Comedy Sketches: The Bank

This comedy is a great favourite and always goes down well with the students who perform it and those who watch it. These comedy sketches are designed to build confidence in the students; teach vocabulary and improve pronunciation as well as giving them a chance to have some fun. The audience get listening practice as well.

The actors in this sketch are L to R: Ali from Saudia Arabia as Monica, the bank receptionist - Elena from Russia as Miss D Posit the bank manager - Khalid from Saudia Arabia as the customer, Mr Moore - Ricardo from Spain as the robber, Mr Steele. Susan and Barbara were the teachers directing the play. We hope you enjoy watching the video.

English Wine

Hi, I'm Barbara from Florence in Italy and I'm studying English here at HELC. I have two passions: medieval history and... wine. I have got a degree in medieval history so I visited a lot of castles and old buildings in Sussex and Kent.

I'm a sommelier too so I was curious to taste English wine. There are a lot of wineries in Sussex. Last Saturday, the weather was incredibly sunny. I went to Sedlescombe to discover and taste the English wine. At the beginning of my trip, I visited a very small winery called Sedlescombe Organic Vineyard: they produce only organic wine - estate and sparkling.

After that, I was in the biggest winery in Sussex called Carr Taylor. They produce estate white wines; dry and fruity, not bad on the nose but a very acid, citric taste. However, the sparkling wines are really better, especially rosé sparkling wine produced with pinot noir and pinot meunier grapes.

I'll remember my visit to CarrTaylor for a lovely walk around vineyards, taking photos, looking at different grapes and talking to English winemakers about wine. It was a really nice informative trip for me.
Barbara Bonaccini from Italy